Confusion is an emotion that brings disorder to one and is often provoked by an object or act that is abnormal. When one experiences this emotion, his or her perception of something is hindered. 
Intimidation is how humans and objects convey feelings through gestures. As the Webster dictionary suggests, intimidation is when one induce fear into another through superiority, such as in skill or appearance. As a result, one’s actions or thoughts are manipulated. Intimidation can be portrayed physical or intellectually.
Luxury is a form of self-indulgence where one’s lifestyle is refined with delicacy and not with necessities. Often times, it is reflected upon one’s possessions and lifestyle. Luxury can also be identified by the use of rare or rich materials.

Theme: Intimidation

Its intimidating presence is expressed by its sharpness and dominance.

Theme: Luxury

Luxury, in this case, is conveyed by simplicity.
 Theme: Confusion
There are no correct orientations for this bottle. This soy sauce bottle is intended to confuse the user how it should be placed and used.
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