Prompt: Design and build a compact table.
Material Limitations: Use no more than 8 board feet of lumber.
Wood Selection: Ash

My goal for this project was to design a multifunctional table that's simple and practical. The nightstand is composed of two main components: the container and the lower-shelf. To make the legs of the stand, I created a jig to ensure that the legs would be consistently tapered. Then, I used a domino joiner to attach the lower-shelf to the legs. The container was constructed by using finger joints to join the walls together and a dado was used to give the cover of the box a perfect fit. The container itself is designed to have a comfortable fit on top of the stand by using four spacers to guarantee stability. For a more uniformed look, a dado was used to create flutes in the boards of the lower shelf and the container for a subtle texture. For the finishing touches, a low-grit sandpaper was used to round out all of the edges for a softer look.
Inside of the box.
Form Explorations
Preliminary Model
Orthographic Drawing
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